Use a header with text different from the survey title



Does anybody know how to show a header on the survey but use text which is not the same as the survey title? I don’t want to use the survey title in the header.

If the solution is to add a separate text field, then how can I give it a background color? The background colour of the header can be controlled in the Style section, but I can’t see how to control the background colour of other text boxes separately from the page color.

The reason for asking this is that the survey title is what I use to differentiate between surveys, but I want the respondents to see the same text in every survey.




martin answered

    Have you considered using the ‘Internal Title’ feature:

    This feature allows you to give your surveys an internal title (visible when logged into SurveyGizmo) while maintaining a different public title (visible to survey respondents).

    That way you don’t have to mess with CSS, etc.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Great! That’s exactly what I need. Thanks Dominic.

      martin answered


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