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Hi Guys – I set up a new private domain as per the tutorial and the new domain (surveys.painteddogresearch.sgizmo.com) does point to the surveygizmo website however when used in an email campaign it says my survey does not exist. I contacted my IT department and they thought it was a gizmo issue and said it can take a bit of time to register with Gizmo?

I’m in a bit of a hurry as the survey i need the domain for was supposed to launch yesterday.I registered the new domain around 20 hours ago.

My question is: How long can it take to get a domain fully working? (the domain was already registered for a few weeks).

Thanks guys! hoping someone will have an answer for me 🙂    

Imogen Brand-Rakers asked

    Thanks Jim! I’ll keep trying 🙂

    Imogen Brand-Rakers answered

      Sorry for the late response, but Community members respond if/when they have the time and expertise to be of assistance.

      We have had two private domains setup.  Both times they worked within the corporate network, but they did not work when you clicked on the link from an external computer. Both times we had to contact IT and ask them to check their work.

      Our IT guys found that there was an additional setting they had to adjust in order to allow the new subdomain to work.

      I know very little about server software, but I do know that there are many more ‘failure points’ on the server side then there are on SurveyGizmo’s side.

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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