[Solved] Having 3 different Surveys in 1 Survey?




i was starting to create a survey with my requirements but i am really confused if its even possible. So maybe someone here could help me.


i want to have a survey which includes 3 different and independent surveys. That means, someone who likes to take part in my survey just gets shown 1st of the 3 surveys. The next person would see the 2nd survey. The person after that would see the 3rd one. The fourth person would participate again in survey 1 and so on.

Is something like that possible?  If a randomized assignment of the surveys to the persons is possible, that would be even better.

Maybe i can even tell the survey every 3 surveys need 50 participations. That mean, if survey 1 is already full, only one of the other 2 surveys will be displayed to the new survey takers.

in general i want to cluster the subscriber randomly in groups and every group gets his own question.

i hope its clear what i want and it is possible to make.

cheers :)

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    Good Morning Jon,


    thank you very much for your reply. Your Link was helpful. I used the percantage branch function.

    For testing i made 2 branches. Both with 50%.

    Now it would be nice if i could add segmented quotas to the branches. Like Branch A gets 50 Awnsers and Branch B as well.


    Is there any possibility to do that? I found nothing about that in your link from segmented quotas.




    leventguercan answered


      This is easily accomplished using the percentage branch functionality (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/branching-a-b-split-testing).  Here you could set up your three different surveys and have them randomly selected.

      I also believe that you can use the segment quota functionality (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/survey-quotas) but I would test this by initially setting my segmented quotas to a very small number to see what happens when Group A goes over quota and what happens to the percentage branch functionality.

      I hope this helps.


      Jon E (Moderator) answered


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