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i was starting to create a survey with my requirements but i am really confused if its even possible. So maybe someone here could help me.


i want to have a survey which includes 3 different and independent surveys. That means, someone who likes to take part in my survey just gets shown 1st of the 3 surveys. The next person would see the 2nd survey. The person after that would see the 3rd one. The fourth person would participate again in survey 1 and so on.

Is something like that possible?  If a randomized assignment of the surveys to the persons is possible, that would be even better.

Maybe i can even tell the survey every 3 surveys need 50 participations. That mean, if survey 1 is already full, only one of the other 2 surveys will be displayed to the new survey takers.

in general i want to cluster the subscriber randomly in groups and every group gets his own question.

i hope its clear what i want and it is possible to make.

cheers :)

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    Thank you Jon for flagging this post. I have reached out with some additional information.

    David – SurveyExplorer

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      • Thank you David. I replied to your mail. Hope that was the right way.thanks

      • Hi there, are you able to post the resolution to this question? I am in the same situation! Thanks :)

      • @sbooth: Thank you for your comment!

        We are happy to discuss your options further! As there is not necessarily a streamlined solution here, our suggestion will very much depend on your specific use-case.

        If you can email SurveyGizmo Support and provide details regarding what you are hoping to accomplish, we are happy to discuss!


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      This is easily accomplished using the percentage branch functionality (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/branching-a-b-split-testing).  Here you could set up your three different surveys and have them randomly selected.

      I also believe that you can use the segment quota functionality (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/survey-quotas) but I would test this by initially setting my segmented quotas to a very small number to see what happens when Group A goes over quota and what happens to the percentage branch functionality.

      I hope this helps.


      Jon E (Moderator) answered

        Hi Jon,
        i really dont want to annoy you but its still not clear for me how this is feasible.

        My Branches have the exact Questions. The only different is a picture at the beginning of the branches. So no unique Question avalaible.
        I tried to set a segment quota. As limit i wrote for example 2.

        But my problem are the limit rules: I dont know what kind of rule here is the right one just to set the limitation of the 2 branches. I also watched the video about the segment quota, but it still do not help.

        No matter which rule i try to set, the quota result are still wrong. I said limit is 2, and the result is 7.

        so there is something i do wrong in my limit sets.



        leventguercan answered

          No problems.  First you should set up a question on each of the pages with the image.  It can be a one answer question being Group 1 for one of the questions and Group 2 for the other question and for each of the two questions set them to automatically be answered with a default answer under the Layout tab down in the Default Answer section..  Set the option under the logic tab to hide this question by default so they will not be displayed to the respondent.

          Then you can use these hidden questions to set your segment quotas.

          I hope this helps.

          Jon E (Moderator) answered

            Hi Jon,

            first of all, i think i am on the right track. I did what you said:

            I placed a question on each of the pages with the pictures (hidden and with default answer).


            Then i made i segment quota with the limit rule: “Question is answered”. As the limit i wrote 2.

            Now i have two problems:


            1. i made the automatically generate test data and said he should make 100 tests. the strange thing: the quota had after the automatic tests still 0/2 -_-


            2. Therefore i tried the test manually about 10 times. The counter began to move. From 0/2 to 1/2 and finally to 2/2. That seems to work. But after that the survery part with the branch of 2/2 still startet and asked me the question. As recently as i answered the survey questions and klicked on the next button, the alert said this branch is full. Isnt it possible not showing this branch part anymore because its full?


            i hope you know what i mean. thank you again.


            leventguercan answered

              I am glad that it is getting close to what you want. I have never had to combine both the percentage branch and the segment quotas so I don’t have a quick answer.

              I am going to flag this message as needing someone from support to address this.  I believe I follow what you are saying but without being able to look at the survey, I can’t guess on a good solution.  By having this flagged for support they will pick it up and be able to help you with your specific layout.


              Jon E (Moderator) answered


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