[Solved] Has anyone used Custom Script, JavaScript or something else to pull Response ID into their survey?


I need to pull the Response ID into the survey.  It doesn’t have to be on the first page, just before the end of the survey.  Has anyone been successful in doing this?  

I know the help article says to do this with the counter. I don’t think that will work for me because my data is encrypted and I can’t use the search feature to find that particular ID. 



Mary Panos Loy asked

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    Hi Mary,

    Have you tried using the Session ID merge code to show a unique ID per response while the respondent is in the survey.  Justin is correct that the Response ID itself can’t be used live on a response and that the counter is ineffective on data encrypted surveys, I have seen users utilize the Session ID as it is unique to the response and available while the response is in progress.

    It is a long string of numbers and letters so it isn’t very concise, but I thought I would mention it just it case it fits your purposes.  Here it is:

    [survey(“session id”)]

    Topper Shull answered

      Hey Mary –

      The Response ID can’t be referenced within the survey because it’s not even created until the respondent completes the survey. Using Data Encryption does limit the functionality of your survey and the tools offered within SurveyGizmo.


      Justin - Technical Zen Master answered
        • Justin

          If a survey is in progress, there is still a response ID associated with it. Right? When I click into a survey, do some of it, save it, and close it…I still have a response ID. In the responses tab it just has “Partial” next to it. Then when I go back in and complete/submit, the status changes to “Complete. But the response ID is there the entire time.


        The response ID is created if you LEAVE the survey, sure. It’s a proper response at that time. However, there isn’t a merge code or anything that can be used within the survey to capture and display it.

        Justin - Technical Zen Master answered
          • I just tested that and still see a response ID despite not leaving the survey. If I start a survey and then go do something for an hour, I see my response in the response tab with an ID. I have watched people go into a survey of mine and the response ID is generated while they are still in there taking it.

            Certainly understand that there is no merge code. I think that is why Mary is asking if anyone has used custom scripting.

          • Cool. Yeah. I haven’t seen a code like this, but perhaps another SurveyGizmo user has. 🙂



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