[Solved] Has anyone found a way to capture lead info using SG’s form, and push it to Marketo? (i.e., when someone takes our survey, and enters their name and email)


I’m hoping to capture the email in the survey itself, and still be able to use it with Marketo the same way as if we’d captured it on our own Website. I appreciate any info!

cperry379364 asked

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    Have you tried using the HTTP Connect action to pass information into and out of SurveyGizmo?  Check it out:


    Topper Shull answered

      Hi Ms. Perry,

      As a policy in the interest of all survey researchers, it is not a good idea to use a survey as a sales tool.

      Only use this if you explicitly state FROM THE BEGINNING that you intend to use this to identify prospects.

      Otherwise, many people, fearing further solicitations, will stop taking surveys. 

      To be clear, if you use the tool with UPFRONT explanation, the tool is totally ok for profiling prospective customers.

      I’ve been in the marketing, new product development and sales functions for many years and this distinction is really important for everyone. A common courtesy too.



      johnwiest answered

        Not to worry, John. Nothing underhanded going on here, but thanks for the common decency refresh. Always important! 

        cperry379364 answered
          • Thanks, no aspersions intended. Just as you say, a refresh. And good luck with your project.


          Thanks so much, Topper. I’ll check it out.

          cperry379364 answered


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