Has anyone ever had respondents report problems with computers handling complex surveys?


Has anyone ever had respondents report problems with their computers handling complex surveys?

Next week I will be developing a very long and complex survey that features several skip patterns, logic conditions on about 40% of the questions,  and piped-in responses.  We were using a different survey tool the last time we released a survey of this complexity and our test respondents all reported significant time delays when they hit the NEXT button and waited for the new page to appear.

I have several design choices that I can make, and it would be useful to know if anyone has ever heard of a complex SurveyGizmo survey choking a respondent’s PC.


Jim Wetherill asked

    I have created 2 different complex versions, with lots of logic and did not have any trouble. Different browsers can cause trouble but that would be for simple or complex survey.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered


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