[Solved] What happened to my reports?


I painstakingly created reports with logos and getting the format just right and now you have changed everything including blowing away all of my work!!!!!! 

How do I get my reports back!

Also, the new format is horribly confusing. If I accidentally delete a question from a report there is no “undo” option. And as I try to re-create my reports the way they were it keeps creating new reports and won’t let me delete them..

Do you have a tutorial or something or should I just switch back to survey monkey?


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    SurveyGizmo has not removed any reporting functionality quite yet – any reports that you have previously created will still be available for you to access from Results > Reports (old Summary Reports have been labeled as Legacy Summary Reports).

    SurveyGizmo has released documentation for the new report tool here:



    Should you have some specific questions regarding your specific survey and the new reports, those are likely better suited for SurveyGizmo Support rather than the Community Forum where other SG users don’t have access to your account.

    SurveyGizmo Support can be reached directly here:


    I hope this helps!

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      (sorry not an answer but yet another Q…)

      Hello – Why can’t I download a report into Excel with the new reporting tool?  This is something I currently need to do multiple times a week to meet our business needs.  I’m about to start a big project and was planning to use Gizmo due to familiarity and ease of use.  Now, I’m afraid I’ll need to find a DIY alternative tool…. Please advise!!

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        Thanks Dominic, 


        This is pretty stupid. I clicked on “support” expecting to email their support team not realizing that they sent me to the community forum. Pretty lame on their part.  


        I appreciate your response though. Thank you. 

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