Can’t get two grids in custom group to go side-by-side (tried line break option and width adjusting)



I’m having trouble getting two elements of a custom group – both radio button grids – to go side by side. I want to put the grids next to each other (effectively recreating a custom table but retaining the use of logic for subsequent conditional questions), but despite turning the “line break” option off and specifying widths shorter than 50% to make sure they fit, they always appear one below the other. I have tried adjusting the width both by using the width specification in the GUI and by specifying a CSS class as suggested in this help doc. Any tips on how I can make this work?




Philip Lewis answered

    Have you tried adjusting the overall survey width via the Style tab? There is a Layout section on the Style tab that allows you to adjust the overall page width and some other values.

    The reason I suggest this is that perhaps the tables are too wide to fit side by side with the default survey width settings. Even cutting the tables by 50% may not do the trick if the survey itself is not wide enough.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thanks for the tip! It was a good idea, but unfortunately didn’t help with my particular problem. Good to know about the settings in Style -> Layout, though; I’ll keep fiddling with those.


      Philip Lewis answered


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