How do I get a graph that shows the date the survey was submitted?


In my survey, one of my questions was, “What date was this survey submitted?”.  In my results report, I want a pie chart showing the %s on each day (My survey only ran for 12 days).  For example:

35 submitted on 7/10 = 12%

65 submitted on 7/11 – 22%

It lists how many surveys were on each day, but I want it in a graph format.  Please help…

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    What type of question did you use to collect this survey submitted date? Textbox, Radio Button, etc? Depending on which question you used, different reporting options are available:

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      If you asked your respondents to enter the submission dates, the responses were saved as text data (unless you used a radio-button type question).   Consequently the Standard Report in SurveyGizmo will be unable to build a graph for those responses.  Your best option may be to export the response data to MS Excel and use that tool to build your pie chart.

      The RESPONSE TIMELINE report element may be a useful alternative.  It does not show percentages, but it does give a good picture of survey response activity over the time that it was open.  Pie charts are useful for comparing the proportions of a whole, but they do not work very well if you try to compare more than six parts.

      Since it sounds as though your survey is complete there is not much help that can be offered.  There are things that you can be built into future surveys that will allow you to build a pie chart with date information.


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