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I’m trying to add a redirect for a website that contains a “+” sign, but your software will not allow the plus sign.  When I type it into the redirect box, it leaves a blank for the “+” sign and then the redirect does not work.  How do I fix this?

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    The fastest way to fix it may be to convert the problem URL to a more usable URL with Bitly or a similar app.  I am not sure that the SurveyGizmo editing interface will accept a + sign in a URL.  I have flagged your posting for SurveyGizmo Support – they can provide you with a more definite answer.

    Plus signs in URLs can be a problem:

    “Generally speaking, the plus sign is used as shorthand for a space in query parameters, but while it can be used in such a way in URLs, it isn’t a good idea. The plus sign is sometimes transformed into a space or to “%20″ which can cause problems….  ”

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