[Solved] Global report style settings?


I want to use my organization’s custom colors for every report that I make. Is there a way to globally set preferences for report font, graph colors, etc?

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    YES!! Thank you so much SurveyGizmo for adding this feature.



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      Hi Eliz,


      If you are wanting to change all existing surveys to a specific style, I am uncertain if this is available.

      If you are looking to build a style from here on out for all new surveys, you will need to create a style:


      There are a ton of great options and features especially when it comes to customizing the experience for tablet and mobile users. Have fun exploring those.

      Then I recommend saving the style so you can use it on any other surveys with the click of a button.


      Now that you have it saved, you can go back through old surveys and change the style to the whole thing with the click on a button, by applying a theme.

      Let me know if this works for you!

      Jacob H (Moderator) answered
        • I’ve customized the colors on my surveys, but this doesn’t seem to affect the reports output. I want to change the default graph colors especially, so that any time I create a report for a survey, the graphs use our organization’s colors.



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