Has anyone used Gizmo for a silent auction? Looking for idea.


I am running a silent auction at my office and I am looking for a good way to run a silent auction using survey gizmo. Any ideas? I’ve been messing around but no idea seems perfect. The issue is getting respondents to see other people’s bids in semi real time.

Frank Smit answered

    Thanks Jim W. I thought a simple workaround would be to set up a textbox list with progressive bids for each auction item, respond to the survey myself, and then send the edit link to every participant so they would see the most current bid and see if they want to bid higher….. I know… horrible workaround.

    The textbox labels would be values, $5, $10, $15, etc. and people could enter their names next to the amount they were willing to bid. The only way I see this working is if I could lock respondents out of overwriting bids once they had been entered while still displaying them.

    I’m not a javascript writer but I can work with my webteam. Might there be a javascript solution to stop people from entering info into textboxes that already have a response.



    Frank Smit answered

      SurveyGizmo is designed to protect responses and keep them secure and confidential, so you are going to have to set up a very complex process to get around this.

      I suggest using something like PollEverywhere instead.


      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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