[Solved] Does gizmo allow for two chances to click submit? (are you sure you’re ready to submit?)


To avoid someone submitting before intended, does gizmo allow you to set up 2 clicks to submit? With a prompt “Are you sure you’re ready to submit?” 


Thank you!

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    There is not necessarily a built in feature for this, but you can probably work around this.

    One option to consider would be to add a required question to your page containing the Submit button.

    This question might read something like ‘Are you ready to submit your survey? Once you click Submit, the survey is finished, etc.”

    Since the question would be required, the respondent would need to click yes before they can proceed to Submit the survey.

    If they were to skip the required question and try to submit, they would see an error message prompting them to answer the required question.

    Hope this helps!

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