Can we give off-line surveys on Amazon Kindle Fires?


I’m working for a non-profit that evaluates its impact in part through surveys of various stakeholders, including relatively young kids. The non-profit has been using paper and pencil surveys, but is hoping to switch to a digital survey for most groups. However, the budget is tight! We would like to use Amazon Kindle Fires as the device, and we have to run the surveys off-line due to sketchy wifi at many of the sites. Does anyone have experience running SurveyGizmo on Kindle Fires, particularly in offline mode? Thank you so much for any advice/warnings! 




Jim Wetherill answered

    While the Kindle Fire is not included as a supported device here:

    If it is up to date, or if you can download one of the suggested browsers, you should be able to test this out with a sample survey. The main concerns to look for would be the survey taking aspect and making sure that you are able to successfully upload response data.

    You can also reach out to SurveyGizmo Support if you run into roadblocks.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi China,

      We are currently conducting an offline class evaluation use Kindle Fire tablets.

      I built the survey.  However, one of our remotely-based project directors is managing the effort, and the actual evaluations are being conducted by nutrition educators scattered across the state of Maine.  Consequently I only have second and third hand information about what is actually happening.  So far, the only problems that we have encountered were due to the lack of technical experience among the nutrition educators who are conducting the evaluations.

      Our project director is visiting the remote sites this week so I will have better information soon.  If I learn anything significant I will let you know.

      Jim Wetherill answered


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