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How do I get the date in my export file to display DD/MM/YYYY, the way I’ve set it up under the validation tab?

In my CSV file, it’s displaying MM/DD/YYYY.

I’d really appreciate your advice :)

Many thanks


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    Hi, Tamsin!

    Thanks for the post! If you have validation set for your question to produce DD/MM/YYYY answers, the export will provide that format for you, but only for the question. Becuase the server is located in the US, the date submitted and date started will always be in MM/DD/YYYY.

    Sadly, the Account Settings will only apply for the application setting, for example Individual Responses (

    You are always more than welcome to change the format in Excel once it is exported, though! Here is a link that will show you how to do that:)

    Excel date format change

    Hope this helps!

    Survey Princess

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