Getting averages of each question with a radio button grid type



I would like to get an average or sum number from questions that using radio button grids. For example how many “Agree” and “Strongly Agree” were selected in total.

Theo Kotey asked
    • Question – where do you intend to use this number? Will this be part of a report or the survey itself?


    I have tried that but it not giving me what I want. I will upload an image soon to make things clear

    Theo Kotey answered

      Have you tried customizing your report? Go into the STATS option and toggle the SHOW AVERAGES FOR GRID COLUMNS on.

      Hope this is useful – I am still trying to get a feel for what you are trying to accomplish.

      Jim Wetherill answered

        Both if it is possible but more in a report.

        Theo Kotey answered


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