Generating/Creating table of contents automatically


I am planning to create a big questionnairre with a lot of questions.

Is it possible to create a table of content of all pages automatically?

I was successful in creating links for individual pages (?snc … &__sgtarget=page_id) but how can I GENERATE such a table of contents?

rschneeberger answered

    There is no built-in functionality that will do this for you – it will have to be a manual process.  You might be able to download the survey and use that as the base for your table of contents.

    Have you considered using the Section Navigator function? (  If this function fits your needs, you should consider testing it first on a smaller survey before you implement it on your primary survey.  Once you have installed this function it is difficult to make changes, so you should get some experience before you go ‘big time’.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Thank you, but I do not have the possibility to add an action called “Section Navigator”

      2. Select Section Navigator and give it a title (this is displayed to respondents).

      Wrong permissions?


      Jim W (Moderator) commented
        • You may have to contact SurveyGizmo Support and ask for this to be added to your account. Based on my experience, SurveyGizmo considers SECTION NAVIGATOR to be kind of a beta test product and not ready for general use.



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