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Hi Team,

I am looking for implementing surveygizmo’s survey for my customers under Pro / Enterprise version,
and I got following question that –

1. Can we implement real time reporting in our some application from some surveygizmo API to fetch data and generate reports on that basis. It should be realtime. If yes, can you share some samples so as to estimate the efforts to be implemented. Have already gone through this http://apihelp.surveygizmo.com/help but did not found the correct solution.

2. Are there any limitation for fetching such data or using these apis. Apart from this https://apihelp.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/api-request-limits

3. What are the API help available for reports, as we are in the business of conducting some surveys and generating real time reports.

Just to add up a little, If I generate my API key and use it with https://restapi.surveygizmo.com/v4/survey?api_token=MY_API_KEY so will I be able to pull my survey data for generating my custom reports on real time or there will be some time lag  (not custom report generated by surveygizmo)




Anurag asked

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    Hi Anurag,

    1. Yes and no. The `surveyresponse` sub-object allows you to fetch response data from your surveys. This will be mostly real-time, however do note that after a response has been submitted to our servers, it must be processed before it becomes available to you. This processing usually occurs in seconds, though occasionally we do see back-ups causing data not to be available for some number of minutes (in very rare cases, when there is a problem of some kind with response processing, data may not be available for hours). You may decide if this is “real time” or not 🙂
    2. No, the API request limit you mention is the only limit SurveyGizmo applies to our REST API.
    3. The help page for the ‘surveyreport’ sub-object may be found here: http://apihelp.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/surveyreport-sub-object

    I hope this helps to answer your questions!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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