Generate an email based on a specific field


I’m trying to set up an invitation where the person can designate an alternate attendee.  If that alternate’s email has been entered, then send an email.

The set up has the alternate’s name as one field within an element for full name and a second field for the email.


How do identify that 2nd field in the code so that if it is “true” the email sends?

Is it possible or do i have to create two different elements – one for alternate name and one for alternate email?


Mary L (Moderator) answered

    Hi Educati,

    Here is a suggestion on how you might be able to do this.  After the question asking for an alternate name/email, insert a page which is automatically submitted. On that page, insert an email action. Set up the email as desired and then under “logic”, set it up so the email will only fire if the alternate email field “Is Answered”. This way if the survey taker enters nothing, the email action on the page will not fire. Additionally, because the page is automatically submitted, the survey taker will never see that page, regardless of alternate email being answered.



    Mary L (Moderator) answered


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