[Solved] Gathering feedback in a text field and then responding


We would like to gather feed back in an open text comment field right at the end of our survey and then also respond to this.

Lastly we would like both to be visible to our customers via a report.


How do we go about getting this right?

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    It sounds like you are wanting to have a sort of ‘conversation’ within the survey?

    If so, you will want to add two Essay Questions in your survey (the second Essay Question will be hidden initially).

    You can trigger a Send Email Action after the customer finishes their survey, letting your know that a response has been submitted. The email can have an ‘edit link’ that will allow you access to the survey taker’s response to respond to their comment. You can then re-submit their survey.

    This would use a lot of what is described in this article:


    I hope this helps!

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