Gardening with the Growe Foundation!


Gettin’ Gritty with the Growe Foundation

Lafayette Elem

From garden to table, these Gizmos are helping kids learn about gardening and promoting healthy eating. Surprisingly it hasn’t become a law here in Boulder to eat straight from the dirt, but we’re getting there, one tomato at a time. The Growe Foundation (with an extra e for environment!) is helping to incorporate environmental and food awareness into daily education. Schools play a major role in what kids learn and care about, and Growe is making learning fun and delicious! Our Gizmos took some time out of their days to work with Lafayette Elementary and Foothill Elementary schools.


Our Gizmos pulled an 8ft wide carrot as you can see above… Just kidding, we’re all organic here, none of that scary GMO stuff. The Gizmos busted a sweat digging a huge hole under the sidewalk. They needed to run irrigation tubes from one bed to another, because ya know, gardens need water or something.

Creekside Elem

At the end of the day, everyone had dirty and scalding feet from the hot pavement. Dirty faces, too. Not that people were throwing soil at each other or anything. But hey a little manual labor never hurt, right? Think about the children!

Learn more about the Growe Foundation at

Photo Credits to Brook VandenBrink

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