Some functions of Custom Scripting didn’t work from 02/10/2017 till 02/28/2017


We use few customs scripts and they were working perfectly several months.

But on 10th of February one of them (code is below) stopped to work without any reason, no changes were made. Problem on server, new implementations in CS syntax ? 

function sgapiGetApproved() {
    %%hiddenFieldID = 460;
    return sgapiArray_Flip(sgapiCSVSplit(sgapiGetValue(%%hiddenFieldID)));

function sgapiGetQuestions() {
    %%questionsFieldID = 465;
    return sgapiCSVSplit(sgapiGetValue(%%questionsFieldID));     

function sgapiFind(%%approved, %%questions, %%approve) {
      %%result = array();
    foreach (%%questions as %%key => %%value) {
          %%questionAnswer = sgapiGetValue(%%value);
          if(!sgapiIs_Null(%%questionAnswer)) {
            foreach (%%questionAnswer as %%key1 => %%value1) {
                  if(sgapiIs_Null(%%approved{%%value1}) !== %%approve) {
                    %%result = sgapiArrayMerge(%%result, array(%%value1));
      return %%result;

%%hiddenApprovedLaSelected = 490;
if (sgapiCount(sgapiFind(sgapiGetApproved(), sgapiGetQuestions(), true)) > 0) {
} else {

Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

    I have flagged your posting for the attention of SurveyGizmo Support.  Another SurveyGizmo user in the Community forum may be able to answer this for you, but I think that your best option would be to get an answer from SurveyGizmo.

    You can contact hem yourself at or thru one of the other HELP channels.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Hi Igor,

      Thank you for posting on the SurveyGizmo Community!

      I’m sorry for the trouble here. In looking at this script, it appears to be using the sgapiCSVSplit function. We did experience an issue with this CustomScripting function that may very well have impacted your script.

      Our Development Team released a fix for this issue on 2/28 which looks to be in line with the timeline that you have provided.

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Heroes via live chat or via for additional clarification.

      My apologies for the inconvenience that this caused!

      Best regards,

      David Domagalski
      Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
      SurveyGizmo |

      Admin - SurveyGizmo answered


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