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Would you give me some help on how to realize this 2 functions in a quiz:

  1. The response cannot go to the next question unless the current question is correctly answered.
  2. If the response ‘s score under the “Percent Correct to Pass ”, he or she must repeat this quiz.

Thank you.

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    Thanks for posting these awesome questions!

    1. There are a couple of different ways for going about doing this. My first suggestion is to add a text element with display logic so it will only show when the question is answered wrong. My second suggestion is to add a page jump after each question so the respondent is rerouted to the same page if the answer is incorrect.

    Here is a link to our documentation for skip logic, and here is the link for display logic.

    Here is a sample survey I created in my own account to give you an idea of that survey behavior:)

    Click here to start the survey:)

    2. If you wanted the respondent to complete the survey right then and there, I would suggest to have the quiz action on the page BEFORE the Thank you page. This way, you can use the skip logic to jump the respondent back to the beginning of the survey without them having a complete status:)

    With all of these features in place, it may be a good idea to provide the respondent with a warning letting them know they must get every answer right in order to continue with the survey, otherwise you may experience respondents coming to you with “issues” that are really survey functions:)

    Hope this helps!


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