A fun survey for H.S. reunion. Background music/play list


I have a few pertinent songs from our high school days I’d like my classmates to have playing while they take my survey about their life story up to now(40 year runion). I own the songs that I have in Google Play music and/or I can download them onto my HD.

Best way to do? My 1st survey in S. Giz. have only read help about adding audio/video.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Are you asking about embedding a music player for background music? I am not sure if this is technically possible to do with SurveyGizmo.  And if it is, I would strongly recommend that you don’t do it.

    There are many technical and user-experience reasons for this recommendation.  I am not going to try and explain them all – you can get details in this article – (https://www.argondesign.com.au/web/why-adding-background-music-on-your-site-is-a-bad-idea/).

    From a survey-specific viewpoint, adding a music player creates two problems.  First, it makes your survey larger and more complicated for your respondent and their browser.  Surveys cost your respondents time and cognitive effort, so you want to make your survey as simple as possible to complete. Second –  a music player would be page specific, so the music would last only as long as the respondent is on a page.  When they hit the NEXT button, the music will stop unless you have another music player on the following page.

    I do understand your sentiment.  So as a workaround I recommend the method used by this political blogger – http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a55305/memorial-day-weekend-flags/.  He adds a link to the beginning of his blog post that offers a musical accompaniment while reading his article.

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