I am on a Free Account and my respondents are recieving an error message that there are too many responses in progress, please try again later?


There wasn’t a category for my questions, but I am wondering why respondents are recieving this error message

“There are currently too many resonses in progress, please try again later”

Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    How many responses have you collected on your survey? The Free Account has a limit of 100 responses per survey so perhaps you have reached that limit?

    There is more info on Free Account limitations here:


    Hope this helps!

    MarilynMagallan commented
      • I just realized this an upgraded to the Basic Plan, will the current surevey now open to unlimited users? I am still getting the same error when accessing the link

      • Sometimes it can take a few minutes for account changes (upgrades, downgrades, etc.) to take effect. Are you still seeing the error at this point?

      • Hello, Now the survey is stating that it has reached the maximum number of respondents, is there a way to have this survey under the new memebership and allow unlimted respondents?



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