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Hi, I’ve checked the forward-only option in the survey settings, but when I test the survey either from within the platform or via the external link from a different browser, it still allows me to go back and change answers on previous pages. 

Also, is there a way to set the survey up so that they first select the answer and then click on the next button? At the moment, selecting the answer takes them straight to the next page. If the survey is forward-only, I feel this is slightly too big a margin for error.


Stef asked

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    Hey There –

    So, a ‘Forward Only’ survey will restrict the respondent from using the ‘in app’ navigation button to go back to previous pages.


    However, this feature will not restrict the browser navigation buttons. Nothing in SurveyGizmo will override the respondent’s browser features.

    To change the way questions display and interact with the respondent you may want to explore ‘Interactions’ under the Style tab. You can learn about that here.


    It sounds like your survey is set to ‘One at a Time’ – which would automatically progress the survey as soon as the respondent chooses an answer.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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