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I thought this would have a simple solution but haven’t been able to find one!

I would like to format my survey so that the question titles are bold, but the rest of the text/answers are not. In the style editor, it seems like you can either have all bold, or all regular. 


Keith Holt234312 answered

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    You could also use custom CSS to achieve this.  Open the STYLE editor, scroll down to the HTML/CSS editor and add the following code to the Custom CSS:

    .sg-question-title, .sg-question-title label {font-weight: bold;}

    This will make every question in your survey appear in bold. 

    You can learn more about Custom CSS in the SurveyGizmo documentation – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/custom-theme


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      • This is exactly what I tried! There was no change after saving this in the Style options.


      This was what I was looking to do but had to chat with support to understand that you need an !important in the css.  So the final version of the css was .sg-question-title {font-weight: bold !important;}

      Just adding this if others stumble on this thread.

      Keith Holt234312 answered

        Hi Aura,

        It is difficult to tell what the problem is without being able to see your code. CSS is finicky – there has to be a dot in front of the class names, there has to be a space before the first bracket.  I copied the above code directly from one of my templates so I am sure that it works.

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          • Hi Jim, I understand enough about css to realize the importance of those items, so I did copy and paste your code exactly and it did not change anything. What did work was to create a class for the bold title and apply it to each relevant question (fortunately, the survey is short.) I used .boldtitle .sg-question-title {font-weight: bold;} It may not be ideal but all other recommendations were failing at changing the weight. I really appreciate the help!


          An easy way to deal with this is to create a style tag .sg-question-title and inside the brackets define the font as strong. This will then apply it to all question titles in your survey without impacting the other text.

          Jon E (Moderator) answered


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