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format is fine on a web page on computer, when tested on phone or tablet it changes from a 1 page survey with 10 questions, to a one page per question survey? Help!

Bruen288369 answered

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    Hey Craig,


    Sounds like you may be using “One-at-a-time” mobile interactions. This will show each element of your survey page individually making it appear as if each question is on it’s own page!


    You should be able to adjust the interactions setting to “Standard” in the style tab of your survey.


    This document should help as well:



    Hope this helps! Have a good one!



    Cliff McGrupp answered

      I’m testing a survey out in tablet mode. 

      For the grid questions, I like how it’s automatically reformatting to show the ‘column headers’ as responses to select below each row header.

      Unfortunately the column headers have also been appearing above each row header.  This is confusing to look at and sort of obscures the row header that I want the respondent to focus on.  Why would this happen?  I’ve been playing around with it for a few days with no success in removing it.

      Of course, as I write this note, I went back to the survey and it’s stopped happening!  But still wondering how to troubleshoot it if it happens again with the next survey I’m working on.  Thanks!


      Bruen288369 answered


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