[Solved] Formatting position of radio buttons


I wish to present three images in the question box and position a radio button under each. In the edit mode, this is the orientation that I see. However, when I look at the page in the Preview mode, the row header column (I have now row header) pushes the radio buttons to the right. How do I delete the row header column, or move it farther to the left?

Thanks in advance for any help.

James Kleiss asked

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    Hey James –

    There are some ‘in app’ solutions that would not require custom scripting that could get us close to what you’re wanting to achieve here. I would explore this documentation.



    Check them out!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered

      Hey James – Do you have a screenshot of how this looks? I might be able to suggest some CSS. Also, to get rid of any row header, question title, etc that SG requires just type: “nbsp;” That’s HTML for a space so it tricks the builder.

      Lizzy Tekkel answered


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