Is the format of the downloadable Excel file consistent over time?


I want to share survey results by Excel. The recipient wants to read the file electronically and import the results into a separate system. This requires the file format to be the same over and over again. Is the format of the downloadable Excel file consistent over time?

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    Excellent. Thanks! 

    eysteinkallhovde answered

      And one follow up question: Is it possible to have the data delivered to Google sheets rather than as a downloadable Excel file?


      Cheers Eystein

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        Thanks. Just a clarification: Each Excel file will contain different data because they will be based on reports segmented by survey links (i.e. one specific file per survey link).

        Will the format be the same for each individual Excel file, and will their format be consistent over time provided the survey remains unchanged?



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          Hi there,

          Assuming that you are not creating a new export file each time you need to share it (rather refreshing it), the file format will not change.

          If you schedule the export for recurring delivery, the export will be refreshed before each send and any new data that was collected will be included:

          I hope this helps clarify!

          Dominic Sharpe answered


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