How To Force Respondents To Watch Video For Creative Testing Survey


Hi SurveyGizmo community, 


I would like to use SurveyGizmo to test components of a proposed 30-second TV spot. 

I have figured out how to upload a video and insert it into my survey. That part is not hard. 

I would like to be able to require that survey respondents watch the 30-second spot in its entirety before they proceed to the next question. 

Assume that the video file resides on its own separate page with instructional text that says “Please watch this 30-second video to completion” or something similar to that effect. 

It appears there is nothing that prevents users from simply clicking “submit” and bypassing the video in its entirety.

Obviously if people do this, they don’t have the ability to complete subsequent questions accurately which harms the integrity of the results.

I couldn’t figure out if SurveyGizmo has a mechanism that can force a user to watch a video in its entirety before enabling the submit (or forward, or similar progress) button. Couldn’t find an answer in the community or online. 

Any thoughts or ideas?


Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You could develop a JavaScript that unhides the question and navigation elements when the video ends.  If you don’t know how to do this, or have someone on staff who can write JavaScript, you could use SurveyGizmo’s Programming Service.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      I would take a look at the Page Timer action:

      This feature allows you to force that a respondent spends a specific amount of time on a page before they can proceed. It sounds like that should get you what you’re looking for.

      Hopefully this helps!

      Lola Gill answered


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