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Want to fix the font of a question on a survey to match the font for the other 2 questions.

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    Without being able to see or edit your survey, it sounds like some formatting code was copied and pasted into the question.

    Edit the question and press the three dots that appear on the right hand side of the tool bar.  When the extended options are available, click on the ‘<>’ icon.  This will show you the question and its HTML style coding.  Assuming that this coding is the problem, you will have to decide for yourself the best way to fix it.  You could copy the HTMl coding from one of the other questions and overwrite teh coding for the problem question, or you could just amke the necessary changes manually.  I guess it will depend on what exactly the problem is and your comfort level with HTML coding.

    We avoid using style coding within the questions.  We paste the questions in as unformatted text and rely on the settings in the style template to control its appearance.

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