[Solved] Font Displayed on PC vs. Mac


The font appears differently in the shared link for my colleague. We can’t figure out if it’s an operating system problem since he’s on a PC and I’m on a Mac. Could you please let us know how we can make the font consistent for all users? 


Thanks in advance for your help. 



jennifer asked

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    Hi Jenn,

    Chances are it could be that the font used is available on the Mac and not a system font on the PC. It could also be a potential security settings issue, where a custom font that you’re using is being blocked by the PC’s security settings.

    If you have a specific example we could look into, feel free to email us at support@sgizmo.com so we can take a deeper look.

    Be excellent to each other,
    Justin Crowe
    Survey Time Lord – Customer Support Hero

    J.Crowe - SurveyGizmo answered


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