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We have an enterprise account but all created folders show for all teams/users instead of teams being able to only see their own folders they’ve created. Is this by design? I cannot find much information on this, and the problem is when people accidentally drag drop a survey they’ve created into a folder that wasn’t created by their team, they are unable to retrieve unless our account admin moves it back into the All Projects folder or a folder they did create.

Thanks for any insight you might have. We don’t want to make every user an admin. Most users have Editor permissions for their team’s surveys.

helpdeskspecialist answered

    It does, thank you for your response!

    helpdeskspecialist answered

      The display of all folders to all users is by design, but users will only have access to surveys that they have permission to view (according to their Team assignments).

      If one of these users moves a survey of theirs into a folder that they didn’t create, they should still be able to access that survey by clicking on that folder or on the all projects folder – I don’t believe administrator interventions is required.

      I hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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