Can I flip the poles on vertically oriented lickert scale responses?


Is there some way I could randomly  flip (top to bottom) a vertically-oriented list of responses like you can do left to right if you choose the “stacked” orientation?  It would be great because vertically listed responses work better on mobile devices and some other layouts but I still want to randomly flip the scale order.




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    Likert scales and most other question types are mobile optimized so that they appear very differently on mobile screens than on desktop screens.

    The option to randomly flip the order works even though the Orientation of Labels & Options: are ignored in mobile view.

    You can test this for yourself. The test works best if the Likert question is the first question on the survey, so you may want to create a test survey to see how it works (be sure to check the “Flip Scales Randomly (left to right)” box before testing:

    Open the survey and click on the “Preview” link near the top right of the page.

    In preview mode flip back and forth between the desktop view and one of the mobile views

    Each time the preview re-renders the question for the different screen type, the random flipping is checked, so this would let you see for yourself what the mobile version looks like and that the flipping is happening (you may have to go back and forth quite a few times if you get unlucky).

    IS answered


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