Only fire the exit survey when user closes webpage


Hi there,

I’d like to know how to trigger a survey when a user closes a particular webpage?  Is this possible?  Also, how can this be integrated into a 3rd party website.  Is this through a custom script?  Finally, which plan enables me to have this feature if available?



Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You can use JavaScript to redirect users to other URLs (including exit surveys).  These scripts are not part of Surveygizmo, so your account level is not relevant.  

    The requirement that the JavaScript be triggered when a webpage is closed is problematic.  You can setup  JavaScript to “listen” for and react to several different events (see the list at , but closing a window (webpage) is not one of them.  And redirecting a user’s browser without their knowledge and consent is an unfriendly act.

    The preferred method for administering this type of survey is known as a website intercept survey (  This functionality is not a standard part of any SurveyGizmo account – it is an add-on package.


    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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