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I just downloaded an Excel report of all projects. There are projects listed in this report that don’t show up in my Dashboard – Your Projects. The project surveys still show up on web pages that they are embedded on. I have full editor rights to our entire account, and should be able to see everything. I’ve verified that I’m an Editor for all teams, and I’m the account administrator. I want to know how many responses there are, see when they were last modified, etc.  Anybody have a clue how I can get this information?

BTW, I tried just hacking the URL — e.g. typing the project id in manually to https://app.surveygizmo.com/builder/build/id/[projectid], but no go.

Mary Kay Scot asked

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    Hey Mary,

    Is it possible the projects have been archived? 

    Projects that have been archived won’t show up in the “all projects” part of the dashboard and you cannot ‘build’ in them. 

    If they have been you can find them in the ‘Archived’ sidebar of the dashboard. Both responses and last modification date are visible from that panel. If you want to do anything else you will have to restore the project.   


    Hope that helps,


    Katrina Lambert answered

      Have you entered the project ID into the search box to the right of the Create Survey button.

      That should pull up any project under you.

      Mary M (Moderator) answered


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