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I have a strange question.

A client of mine needs to have a survey in witch the final actual size of images is critical (in cm not pixels). Is there any way to configure this?

I thought to make a first image select question in witch the responder mergers the images on the screen , the rest of the survey will have a different css / resolution.


Is it possible? What will be the best practice for these needs?



Nimrod Wald

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    There is no way that you can guarantee that an image on a webpage (including the page of a SurveyGizmo survey)  will be displayed at a precise dimension.  Internet content is different from print content.  Each of your survey respondents have a unique combination of browser, operating system, monitor, and screen resolution settings that allow them to access internet content however they would like to see it. These settings cannot be overridden.

    HTML coding only always you to define image height and widths in pixels, but there are converters online ( that you can use to convert pixel to centimeters.  However, there is no way that you can ensure that your respondent’s all have the same monitors and are all set to the same resolution settings.

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