[Solved] Filtering exports when sguid save and continue is enabled


As much as I love sguid-based save and continue for the respondent’s user experience, it makes analyzing the exported data more difficult because each session is recorded as a separate row of data. How can I most easily export the data where one respondent¬†= one row?


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    Oh man, I have it exactly backwards. I think those duplicates were from before I turned on sguid save & continue support! So it’s the exact opposite situation. sguids mean people can re-open the same links AND they are only one line in the response section. Hooray!

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      Hey there! It sounds like something else might be going on with your SGUIDs as they should be ensuring that there is only a single response (row) per SGUID. Are you seeing multiple responses with the same SGUID variable?

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        • Thanks Marybeth! Didn’t realize this was an addition benefit of using save & continue. Got confused from my older data from before when I started using that.



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