[Solved] Filter Reports


 I would like users who acces survey reports via the report link to be able to filter responses using 3-4 fields which reflect questions in the survey.


Can this be done?


Is there developer know how available to support this?

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    Are your users actually SurveyGizmo users?  By this I mean can they login to SurveyGizmo and view the reports?  I do not believe that there are any custom scripting functions that will let you manipulate reports (database queries), so if you want users to be able to customize reports you will have to set them up as actual SurveyGizmo users and grant them the permissions they need to access and customize reports.

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      No my users are not survey gizmo users.


      I believe you are right, that there is no straightforward script for this.


      Are you, anyone, aware of how one might get one developed?

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