Feedback/Issues with new summary report – statistics table bug


Hi – just noting areas where we are still finding issues with the new summary reports. At this stage, we believe the old summary reports still serve us better.  It would be useful to get feedback from other users and SurveyGizmo on these issues:

Stats table bug:

  • The statistics table is randomly not displaying for particular question(s), despite being selected, and displaying for other questions with exactly the same set up – no matter how many times I refresh, change settings, go in/out of report – I guess this is a bug?
Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.97K Rep.

    Do you have numeric reporting values set up for all of the questions that you are trying to show statistics for?

    All things being the same, the reporting values not being numeric is the only thing that comes to mind in terms of making stats not available.

    Hope this helps!

    Katie commented
      • Hi – thanks for the input – it’s not a numeric question – just multiple choice – we are not trying to show the full stats table though – just the total response number (alongside the pie chart – so it will pull through to exports as well as the %s). We have lots of other questions set up like this in exactly the same format, and they show the total responses without any issue.



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