Feedback/Issues with new summary report – there is no longer an option to display a chart for text box questions


Hi – just noting areas where we are still finding issues with the new summary reports. At this stage, we believe the old summary reports still serve us better.  It would be useful to get feedback from other users and SurveyGizmo on these issues:

No ability to set/change the chart type for textbox questions:

  • This was an option in the old summary report and we could choose to display answers to text box questions in a chart (appreciate that this may not be something that is widely used) – can this be reinstated?. We use this because we import certain respondent data i.e. office location into the survey (within the contact fields) – this conforms to a standard format, using a set of standard values so can easily be charted as there are only a limited number of possible responses – leaving it free text means we don’t have to set up and maintain dropdown lists on an ongoing basis (as this is a long running survey, not a one-time survey).  We used to be able to chart this, now it only shows as a word cloud which is meaningless (the biggest word is ‘office’!), or a list for the summary table, which doesn’t look great.
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    Thanks so much for sharing, we also are having similar issues with the Standard report and I’d love to hear how other users are able to implement these reports.

    Have you tried the DIY Response Grid?  It is most similar to the Advanced Appendix we used to use in the Legacy reports.  I think it works well for short text box answers, so if you just need to display the office name or something short, it may work for you.   I like it better than just printing the summary table

    Hope that helps!

    Sheila Bloom commented
      • Thanks for this suggestion – I haven’t really used this functionality, so useful to know it’s there! I just had a quick look and don’t think it really does what we want though (we’re literally just looking to i.e. plot the count of office location on a bar chart – while the question type is text box, we use it more like a multiple choice, as we know the response will be one of a set of pre-determined values in a standard format, as we import the data from another system – leaving it free text means we don’t have to create and maintain any lists though, if say a new location were to be added).

      • Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, we really miss being able to pick how you display your answers. There seems to be less choices in how things can be displayed in the new reports. Maybe somebody else has a good work-around.


      Hi Katie,

      Thank your feedback regarding this functionality. Our Development Team is exploring expanding the charting options within the Standard Report and the open text options will certainly be looked into.

      Thank you again for taking the time to post this on the Community!

      Best regards,

      The SurveyGizmo Team

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