[Solved] Feedback: Provide a way to see font size


Hello Gizmo buffs!


One suggestion for your interface: Let us see what font size we are using when editing/appending a question title.

When appending a question, we have no idea what font size the already-existing font is in. It makes copy-pasting difficult because when you paste text from another source, there’s no way of knowing what the already-existing font format is!

For example, in MS Word, you can match outside sources that you are pasting by using the format brush (or even simply looking the font format by clicking on text…or, by paste-special match format). None of these examples exist in Gizmo.






Ryan Arzamarski asked

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    Hey Ryan – I just saw this and I thought I might could help with viewing your font. 🙂

    If you click the button in the screenshot, you’ll be able to the source code (and font!) of your text.


    Also since this is a public forum, I have a recommendation that I’ve found success with. If you ever get SG’s survey in your email that asks for feedback, I highly recommend responding to that email. They take feedback pretty seriously and always respond when you make suggestions. Cheers!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      Thanks Lizzy! This is great, as are you for helping out. And we often respond to SG emails. I agree that they are great about working with feedback from their clients.

      Ryan Arzamarski answered


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