[Feature Sunset] Summary Reports in New Surveys


Hi There,

We have a pending plan to sunset the Legacy Summary Report (no date has been set as of now).

Will I be affected?
Initially, this change will only affect Free and newly created accounts.

If you’re using a Dedicated, Enterprise, Professional, or Basic plan, legacy reporting types will continue to be available in existing surveys. You’ll have access to the options included in our new reporting system as well.

We are planning to phase out Legacy Summary Reports permanently for all account levels, and currently evaluating when that will happen. After we’ve decided on when the best time will be, we will notify customers in the app ahead of time.

Why are these being removed?
We are launching our new and improved reporting suite, which will include the vast majority of the features you’ve used in your legacy Summary Reports, and some new ones as well!

What should I do if I have questions or need help?

We’ve been getting a ton of great feedback regarding what you need to see in the Standard Report before we officially sunset the Summary Report (we do not have a scheduled date for this as of now). We have been churning out features in the Standard Report and decided we needed to give you some visibility into the process.

We’re creating Known Issues posts for outstanding features and functionality that multiple users have said they miss.

Look for your feature in the Known Issues category of community and comment, vote, or subscribe to receive updates!

Thank you!

Taylor Morgan
Manager of Customer Service – Survey Mermaid, SurveyGizmo

Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

    Eliminating the legacy summary report with adding comparable functionality to the Standard Report is an absolute non-starter for us.  We constantly use the export to Word and Excel capabilities.  Removing this capability will make reporting extremely difficult.  It seems as if you’re assuming that everyone will simply present data using the Standard Report and nothing else.

    This is not the case.

    We, for example, do all of our reports in Word.  I’ve previously provided examples of what we do to support in an effort to beg you to not make reporting absolutely unusable!

    Please reconsider the elimination of the legacy summary report.  It is incredibly useful.

    SurveyGizmo Escalations commented
      • Hi, thanks for the feedback. So the good news is we are investigating bringing Excel back as an export option, but it won’t be exactly the same as it was before. A big caveat is we will not allow it if you have segments set up in the report (this was not an option with our old segmentation reports anyway so not much is really lost here).

        We are also reevaluating the plans for legacy summary reports; not sure when exactly that will happen but it will likely be done in a phased approach starting with removing the ability to create new legacy reports, and then at a later data turning off the ability to rerun existing reports. So that’s not going to happen right away, but we will update the app with more information when it’s figured it out.

        As for Word, as far as I know there are currently no plans to bring Word exporting into standard reports but we can discuss it some more on our end. It sounds like you’ve already contacted us with your use case for it, which is incredibly helpful for these conversations, so thanks for that!


      Hi all,

      As many of you have expressed the need to be able to export Standard Reports via Word and Excel, I wanted to let everyone know that these options are now available to the Standard Reports (in case you were not aware):


      Thank you for your continued feedback!

      Best regards,

      David Domagalski
      Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
      SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com

      Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

        Just tried to use a Standard report for a simple report that I needed and the Advanced filters do not work like they do on the Legacy reports.  I have two different fields that I need filtered like this: (Field 1 = A or B) and (Field 2 = C or D).  But it’s not working, it’s only recognizing one field in each group, not both.  Tried it in the Legacy reports and it works great.  Please don’t remove the Legacy reports.

        Sheila Bloom answered

          I second the above thread; if we lose the functionality that advanced appendix provides it is a deal breaker and I will go back to survey monkey for our survey needs.  Why would you remove the most flexible feature you have in reporting?

          Chris Bruggeman commented
            • Hi Chris! Thanks for this feedback! Have you checked out the DIY Tables/Cards in Standard Reports? These were designed as a replacement for the Advanced Appendix.


              Check it out and send us feedback!

            • Hello SG Admin; I took a look at the features you suggested and unfortunately they do not provide the functionality that I need. Is there any possibility of providing a report writing feature that allows greater flexibility of adding fields and field descriptions?


            I never have used Survey Gizmo reports “as is” with clients.  I need the flexibility to reformat, condense and do additional data analysis.  Without robust exporting functions – with Excel most important and Word second – you have dramatically reduced the value of your software for me.  I have been a raving Survey Gizmo fan, but as it appears now, I will have to move on when the depreciated reporting function goes away.

            Lee Crumbaug answered


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