[Solved] Feature Request – Share Button on Build Page


Hi, I wanted to request a feature and throw it out there for the community to provide feedback on what they think.

While building my surveys I am constantly going to the Share Tab and hitting the following blue icon to open the survey in a new page.

I am requesting to have this button available from the Build Tab. It would save me numerous clicks and extra wasted tabs while building which would ultimately cut down on build time.

What do you all think?


Jacob Hayslett asked

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    I got this added as a feature request for you 🙂

    Caitlin - SurveyGizmo answered
      • Hip Hip HOORAY! I hit Share – then the blue button constantly and it causes way TOO many extra windows.

        Thanks for helping push this along Caitlin, you’re awesome!


      I want this too!

      Elizabeth Rose answered

        Hey Jacob – I can’t say I’ve ever had anyone ask me for this before. I would be curious as well if other folks are interested.

        Great Idea!

        Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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