Feature request: Diagram representing all branches possible in survey



I think SurveyGizmo is missing a key feature so that making high-end surveys and analyzing results could be way easier.

Right now, if you create a survey with a lot of branches, conditions… You have to keep every parameter in mind, or use a piece of paper, an Excel file or another diagram service (like LucidChart) to represent all the possible paths of your survey.

What do you think about it?

HabibSylvain Gourguet answered

    Hi all,

    Is there any news regarding this feature request?

    By any chance, has it been studied or implemented into a roadmap?

    For now, we are using another service, LucidChart, to do the job. But it’s clearly not ideal: we have to reproduce the surveys’ logic manually, where it should be automatic.

    And since SurveyGizmo isn’t “cheap” anymore, I hope this kind of feature will add value to the service. 🙂


    HabibSylvain Gourguet answered

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I think that a service like SurveyGizmo is actually here to replace paper, prototyping… and make it a better overall experience.

      Keeping and finding pieces of paper, using MS Word doesn’t seem the way to go.

      We should count on SurveyGizmo to manage this aspect of survey creation.

      It would make SurveyGizmo more interesting for people who are not used to do all you talked about and want to start making surveys (for a new business, for example).

      Hope this will be implemented one day (?).

      HabibSylvain Gourguet answered

        I don’t like to be the one to rain on good creative thinking, but I am not sure how useful that kind of tool would be.  Our group usually plans out complex surveys on paper before we even touch SurveyGizmo.  We typically have all of the questions on an MS Word document.  We then insert page breaks to match the survey pages and place post-it notes about skip patterns and conditional questions.  Once we have done successful walk-throughs on the paper version, we open SurveyGizmo ans start to build.  After the survey has been built we reatin the paper version – it is basically the blueprint for the online version.

        This is basically a version  of the paper-prototyping process we use for our web design work.  Low tech but very effective.

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