[Feature Request] Add ability to send a link to a PDF of the survey response to Salesforce


We’ve heard from several our Salesforce Integration users that they would like to have the ability to send a link to a PDF of the survey response to Salesforce, rather than having to map individual fields.

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rcawdron386113 answered

    Is there any custom URL associated with the PDF or PDF download that we can leverage with custom PHP?

    Admin - SurveyGizmo commented

      would love that – really need this feature

      rcawdron386113 answered

        Yes this would be useful. It would also be useful to be able to create a branded version of the pdf with customisable text between questions, etc.


        As we heavily rely on a SFDC / SG integration for our client onboarding process, we send back their responses as a check, and in ongoing satisfaction reviews. 


        Currently these are pulled from SG, but would be very useful if they were in SFDC automatically. 

        Laura Burnett answered

          +1 for me as well!

          Megan answered

            I’m not sure how to vote but +1 for me

            Steve Bernstein223596 answered


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