Feature request: ability to make a page of questions not appear as one-at-a-time mode


Sometimes, questions relate to one another in a way that makes it valuable for more than one to appear on the same page. One-at-a-time mode in mobile is normally great, but it “breaks” this concept. I’m asking for a way to keep the questions on a particular page together, even in one-at-a-time mode — effectively turning that mode off and using the standard mobile setup instead. 

Not sure if that’s best implemented as a “keep together” tag or an ability to turn off that feature using a checkbox on a page, or even via CSS, but it would be enormously helpful. 

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi there!

    Have you considered using a Custom Group question type? Depending on the types of sub-questions that you need to use, the Custom Group will allow you to have multiple questions appear together (even with the one at a time mobile interaction).

    Take a look at the documentation here:


    Hope this is what you are looking for!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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