[Feature Request] Ability to create a “add survey to your account” link


It would be awesome to be able to generate a “add this survey to your account” link. SurveyGizmo staff has been able to do this in their support documentation if you want to see how a survey is built under the hood. With the recent article about custom scripting reporting back to a master survey, this would be incredibly helpful!

A number of times we have been caught without the ability to easily copy one survey from an account over to another – a drastic shortcoming of a master enterprise account (compared to teams). We have 35 users at our company, but sharing with one another requires SG technical assistance, wouldn’t it be wonderful to cut the support staff out of it and allow the survey owner the ability to share a “add to your account” link?

Further, this would be a great way for the community to support one another, as a skilled builder might be able to help a novice on a simple request. Or an advanced user may be able to show off a creative way of using a feature so that the rest may benefit.

Community Admin answered

    Hi Dave,

    I think this is a great idea! I’ll make note of this to raise with the development team as a possible future improvement!

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered


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